Sustainable Path


February 1st, 2017 Seminar


The policies that need to be implemented to reduce greenhouse gas emissions will also bring about substantial reductions in air pollution and cardiovascular disease, as well as propelling changes in urban mobility and our built environment. Looking at health co-benefits creates a different paradigm  one that is win-win for most people, and for the planet. The panel will discuss the health co-benefits of climate change policies.

SLIDESHOW AVAILABLE 2-1 Presentations Hess Strange Dannenberg.

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  • Jeremy Hess, MD, MPH; Univ. of WA Associate Prof, Env & Occ Health Sciences &  Associate Prof, Global Health
  • Kathy Strange, P.E., M.S.; Manager, Technical Analysis with Puget Sound Clean Air Agency
  • Andy Dannenberg, Affiliate Professor; Univ of WA Dept. of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences, School of Public Health & Dept. of Urban Design and Planning, College of Built Environments



TOPIC: Oil Tanker Traffic In The Salish Sea: Threats Of Spills and Noise PollutionOrcaTanker72DPI-WMWEBcopy_002

Ensuring safe shipping through Washington’s waterways is critical to maintaining our region’s economy, culture and environment. With multiple projects proposed that will expand coal and oil exports from ports in British Columbia and Washington, oil spill risks are escalating rapidly.  Evidence shows that ocean noise caused by people is doubling every decade, and the effects of this increased noise on sea creatures are not well understood.


  • Stephanie Buffum, Friends of the San Juans, Executive Director
  • Fred Felleman, Friends of the Earth; Commissioner, Port of Seattle
  • Rob Williams, Oceans Initiative marine conservation scientist; a 2015 Marine PEW Fellow



TOPIC: Extraordinary Tales From the Salish Sea


Joe Gaydos, Chief Scientist for the SeaDoc Society

Audrey DeLalla Benedict, Director of Cloud Ridge Naturalists

TOPIC: Putting a Price on Climate Pollution in Washington State

SPEAKERS:3-16-2015 seminar smokestack

  • Yoram Bauman – environmental economist, Founder of  CarbonWA 
  • KC Golden – Senior Policy Advisor at Climate Solutions and Board Chair of 
  • Nicole Vallestero Keenan – Policy Director, Puget Sound SAGE
  • Todd Myers – Director, Center for the Environment, WA. Policy Center
  • Moderator: Steve Scher

Our state has taken a regional leadership position on climate change. The panel of experts and leaders on climate change will explore the future of climate policy in our state and the challenges ahead.