Sustainable Path



It’s pooling one’s dollars with a circle of colleagues, friends, family and acquaintances, in order to support nonprofits in a strategic manner.

Our Partners pool their skills and financial resources to make a powerful impact. Partner roles are flexible. Many partners get involved in planning seminars, join an Impact Circle and participate in one or more grant cycles and take advantage of our networking and learning opportunities, or simply use Sustainable Path to make a highly leveraged gift.

If you value and enjoy learning, supporting innovative work, and making a difference in our community, then join today.


  • Proactive Giving: You have the chance to be directly and personally involved with applicants and learn exactly what your pooled dollars will fund.
  • Enjoyable Work: Perhaps the biggest draw, you meet others with similar interests and learn from one another through your involvement in grant-making activities.
  • Tangible Impact: You will strategically leverage your individual contribution and make a tangible difference in advancing solutions to some of the most significant and interconnected challenges facing our region.
  • Democratic Structure: Each Impact Circle Partner has an equal say in decision-making and collective votes determine the funding recipients.
  • Continual Learning: You will have a number of opportunities to deepen your knowledge on various topics (e.g., brown bag lunches, site visits).
  • Annual Gathering: Sustainable Path will host a gathering of grantees and partners across all the Impact Circles. This will be an educational opportunity to further learn about the issues, the strategies to find solutions and hear about the work that has been accomplished with the grant funds. You will be invited to share your experience and help evaluate the overall Impact Circle process.

A Partner makes an annual minimum contribution of $250. 

To join or to learn more, please contact Lee Benner, Foundation Director at lee ‘at’ or call 206-914-7131.