Sustainable Path

Pass It Forward-2

Celebrating Sustainable Path’s 15th Anniversary

From April, 2017 through April, 2018 we will celebrate 15 years of collective giving and 15 years of impact. We believe that we learn and grow through the networks we make and the passions we share.

Background of Pass It Forward

In 2013, we launched Pass It Forward (Power of 10) to help celebrate our anniversary and honored ten outstanding individuals who exemplified our ideals through their work. Each honoree then Passed It Forward and selected the next Pass It Forward recipient. Additionally, Sustainable Path contributed $1,000 to the nonprofit of that person’s choice. By passing-it-forward, we met outstanding and inspirational individuals and put $10,000 to work in our community spread among diverse projects.


We asked Sheifala Ranganathan (Transportation Choices), the 10th Pass It Forward honoree in 2013, to nominate the FIRST Pass It Forward-2 honoree. 

#1: Congratulations to Rick Stolz – Executive Director of One American and the first Pass It Forward-2 honoree; and $1,000 was awarded to HomeSight.

#2: Rick passed the honor to Jill Mangaliman, Executive Director of Got Green, and $1,000 was awarded to Fair Work Center.

#3: Jill passed the honor to Jamie Stroble, who works for King County as the community liaison for their resiliency planning, and $1,000 was awarded to FEEST.

#4: Jamie passed the honor to Lisa Chen, Executive Director of FEEST; and $1,000 was awarded to the Latino Community Fund.

#5:  Lisa passed the honor to Jose Vasquez, Director of ​Leadership Development and ​Programs of the Latino Community Fund; and $1,000 was awarded to the Latino Community Fund.

#6: Jose passed the honor to Paulina Lopez-Peters, Community Engagement Manager,Community Engagement Manager of the Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition; and $1,000 was awarded to the Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition.

#7: Pauline passed the honor to Noel Germán, who is a representative of the youth in the Duwamish Valley area and has been actively involved with the Youth Corps for the past three years; and $1,000 was awarded to Amigos de Seattle.

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